AEIF发起人Michael Norton寄语青年人:去做吧,现在就去做

临近岁末年初,亚洲环保创新论坛(AEIF)发起人Michael Norton向青年人发出了新年寄语:




The world has many many problems, Especially when there are wars raging in many places, where technology is being used for killing and destruction. This is happening at a time when humans are facing the existential threat of climate change. It is us older people and our ancestors in the 19th and 20th centuries who have emitted so much CO2 into the atmosphere that the climate is warming at an accelerating rate. We can see the effects all around us. Floods, typhoons, forest fires, heatwaves and more, which will only get worse over the coming years, unless we do something. 

But it is you younger people who need to take action so that our planet can continue to provide you and the world’s growing population with an environment. That is habitable for you and future generations. This means understanding the seriousness of the issue, and using your creativity and your energy to reduce our emissions and find solutions for our country’s benefit and for the planet. And the more we delay, the worse the problem will get.

As I used to say to my children, and I now say to all young people in the world: “Do it” and “Do it Now”.

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